When Letting Go of Toxic Situations is the Best Decision

Letting Go of Toxicity

There is a saying – Quitters never win and winners never quit! Generally speaking, giving up on things is nothing to brag about. But there are times in life when it’s time to let go. Especially when it’s letting go of toxic situations in your life.

Letting go and walking away may be considered by some people as taking the easy way out. But there are times when sticking with things too long is life altering and destructive for you and potentially others around you. Beside the pain and misery toxic situations can lead to a myriad of unhealthy outcomes.

Examples of toxic situations (just a few)

  • Unhealthy or dangerous relationships (physical or emotional)
  • Investing time, and resources in failing projects
  • Staying in toxic work environments
  • Emotional codependent, unstable or anywhere there is imbalance

When to Let Go of a Toxic Situation

Letting go of toxic situations is not easy. No one decides to get into situations that is not good for them. Most things start off well or at minimum okay, but after a while things change. And the balance of power, or part of a situation shifts, often leaving a person vulnerable. So when things turn bad it can be difficult to known when to let go and walk away.

Often times people wait until things becoming over or underwhelming, dangerous, toxic, or just plain uninteresting. It can be hard to know when to let go when there are a lot of reasons not to, including-

  • Fear of losing time and investments
  • Fear of failure
  • Guilt and shame
  • Fear of judgement

It’s easy to focus on what may be lost by letting go. With this said, its is time to shift the focus, and instead look forward to what you will gain. They fear failing at something, feeling as though they are letting others down and being judged for their decision to let go. This can keep good people in bad situations that only cost them more and more over time.

Sometimes Letting Go is the Best Decision

Despite the cost, or the temporary pain or discomfort, sometimes letting go is the best decision in the long run. Coming to terms with the benefits of letting go of toxicity versus the consequences helps, especially when safety is concerned.

Only you know when the investment is too much and you need to let go. No one can determine that for you, but there are some universal things you can consider to help make the sometimes-difficult decision to let go.

Universal Truth (New Beliefs to Adopt) 

  • No one should be in unsafe relationships
  • Everyone deserves an emotionally stable workplace
  • It’s possible to recover lost investments
  • Failure is life’s greatest teacher
  • People’s opinions of you are none of your business

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Letting go includes saying goodbye to tangible and intangible things. It may include saying goodbye to people or activities, but it may also include saying goodbye to hopes and dreams. It may cause discomfort, but getting comfortable being uncomfortable will help you learn to let go when it’s the best choice.

Concluding Letting Go of Toxic Situations

Sometimes letting go of a toxic situation is the best decision. It may be difficult but your life is worth it. When making changes it’s important to make a plan. Garner support, and get help of friends and family that you trust. Take time for self care and be patient if you experience any setbacks. Keep the goal in mind and work toward it each day as the path can lead to healing, happiness, and brand-new opportunities in your overall life.






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