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About Me – Andrea & the Talk About Grief Blog

Welcome to the about me page of Talk About Grief. It is bittersweet that you are here. You are likely here because you are grieving or know of someone who is. You want to learn more about your grief or find ways to help someone who is going through a difficult time. And this is why I created Talk About Grief.

Before you read more, you maybe wondering about me – who is the author of Talk About Grief.

Meet Andrea Author of Talk About Grief

Mother, wife, daughter and sister, and animal lover, these are me in a nutshell.

Born in Wales, United Kingdom. I moved to Canada with my husband, and my two beautiful sons ages 2 years old and 6 weeks old) to join my parents and siblings and start our new life. It was full of challenges, hard work, and fun times. We had plenty of struggles, but we made it out life and eventually settled into our ‘good life’.

But life had other plans. Everything changed in November 2005 with the sudden, traumatic and earth shattering death of my youngest son, Neil. My entire world collapsed around me, along with hopes and dreams for the future… The dreams you have for the future… you child getting married, maybe grandkids and watching them grow into beautiful adults that fill your world.

Instead came struggle, sadness and pain that cannot be explained. Depression, anxiety, loss of friends and family that is all  too common when we are dealing with incredible grief.

Why I Created Talk About Grief

In my state of grief and beyond one thing that was glaringly apparent is that there is little to now help when it comes to death.

There is no hand book for grief and we are left to navigate our way through these difficult times. I tried counselling, talking to my Dr. and found myself being referred from one specialist to another. Mostly in an effort to diagnose or ‘fix’ my grief. This usually ended up with me feeling worse, dismissed or as if there was something wrong with me. When all I really wanted was to tako about grief –without being judged dismissed, and at times wrongfully hurt.

There has to be a better way! And one that is gentler, informative and is centered around you the griever. A safe place to read and share thoughts and feeling of grief that is unique to you. As well as ways to move through grief, using self care and healing in this difficult time.

About Me and My Past Training

First and foremost, I write this blog from my heart, while I share my personal experience with grief. My professional experience includes, career coaching, NLP (Neuro linguistic programming), Thought Field Therapy (commonly referred to as tapping), Training in Crisis intervention, Satir Family therapy and a few other personal growth coaching and development.

With this said, nothing I knew helped me – there is nothing to prepare you for the loss of a child, a loved one or anyone for that matters. But my life experience  and training helps give me insight, compassion and some ways to help others on their journey through grief.

But what is important to know is that grief is a truly unique. No two people will experience grief and loss the same way.  And since there is no cookie cutter approach (and there should not be one) to coping with grief and loss, it is best that you take and use what works for you, and adjusts the information to you and your needs.

As we move through Talk About Grief, I’ll update my about me page, as I share for me, how to help others in times of grief and loss as I do my best make Talk About Grief a valuable resource.

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~ Andrea